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Buyer Beware:

This is not a frequently asked question, but something we feel the general public needs to know. Everyone is seeing more and more scams and fraudulent dealers/private sellers. What are the things you need to know if you decide to deal elsewhere? In our 40 years we have seen a lot but it gets topped every day.
1. Ask the seller to see the title, no matter what state. They should have clear proof of ownership (a title) and have no problem showing it to you. (If they don’t have a title because of a payoff, ask if you can contact the bank to verify). This avoids any title skipping. A title skip is where an individual is trying to sell a vehicle without getting the title in their name and avoids paying the necessary sales tax.
If it is an individual (private owner) and the title is not in their actual name WALK away. Why you ask? There are many reasons, the title could have been duplicated, the vehicle possibly could be stolen, and the seller could have forged a signature. How do you know they have the right to sell the vehicle? With any of these options, you have the possibility of losing your money and possibly be in the middle of a crime of some sort…What happens is that you lose your car and for sure lose your money…
If it is a dealer and they don’t have the title in their name or reassigned to them, not only is that illegal, it is a major red flag. They say they haven’t received it yet? Why not? Is it really theirs to sell? Don’t be scared to ask questions; you are the one spending money and they want to take it. Fire away at any questions or doubts you have...We take the time to title most all our vehicles in our dealership name just as an added touch. It’s not required but assures we are passing the new owner a free and clear title.
Ask to have your mechanic look at the vehicle. Even if you are mechanical yourself, still ask and take a test drive...One of two things will happen when you ask this, they will be open about known items that are wrong, or two, they will refuse or have an excuse why they can’t let that happen. Again walk or maybe run away. Some problem is lurking.
If a Virginia vehicle and dealer owned make sure it has a current inspection performed since they have owned it. It is 100% the law to have a vehicle inspected or rejected once a vehicle is in a dealership inventory before sale.
Furthermore make sure to still check the vehicle out maybe even spend the $16 for an inspection of your own to be done. We have many times had a vehicle come in with a fresh inspection in the window performed by the dealer and had thousands of dollars of repairs needed in safety repairs that were either overlooked or missed. Nothing worse than bringing your freshly purchased ride in somewhere for something simple as a noise or squeak, etc., to find out you need to spend $2-3000 just to make it safe as the previous owner or dealer should have done already.
Don’t feel pressured in any way. We actually tell customers almost every day go home and think about it. If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be. Nothing worse than having regrets after the fact on a purchase.
DO NOT SEND MONEY unless you are sure of all factors in line and you are working with a reputable dealer. We have heard from investigators and seen online scams so many times where there has never even been a vehicle available. People have robbed pictures from other website, posted them, posed as a dealer or private owner with a great story, collected the money, and guess what?? Your money is gone as fast as that person is gone!! IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.
Our whole point to this section is there are still good people out there just be sure you are dealing with one. Ask questions, see a title, check out the vehicle and have it checked out. A little time and money spent up front goes a long way to assure you don’t become another victim out there. If something doesn't seem right it probably isn’t; use your judgment.

What are your hours?

Monday through Friday 9-6, Saturdays 9-12. On Saturdays, be sure to call ahead on Friday afternoon to verify we are open and the vehicle you are interested in seeing is available and not sold. We do frequently have off site events that we have to close for on Saturdays.
Other hours by appointment. We are sometimes able to meet at other times pending our schedules. We are a small family owned business, so we don’t have dozens of extra staff on hand. We do the best we can to accommodate.

How does financing work?

The first step to any finance deal is to submit a credit application online. The application is located at davis4x4 and very easy and quick to do. We currently have credit union financing with multiple finance sources. If you are out of state, our options are not as vast as if you are local, but we have some great credit unions that will work with out of state buyers. We are also seeing some great interest rates.

What if I am paying cash or have my own financing arranged?

No problem at all, this makes for an easy deal. We can typically arrange paperwork and have you out the door in 10-15 minutes; we just need to record the lienholder on the paperwork for your bank or credit union. If you have your own finance source, and you want to do your own DMV work, just make sure you have a letter from your bank/loan officer that allows us to record the lien on the paperwork and give you the title without doing your DMV work.

Do you handle DMV work?

We handle DMV on site for our local VA customers. If you are out of state or military, call us and we can discuss the options that we have for you.

Can I write a personal check?

We can accept a personal check for payment; however, the title will be held by us for fourteen business days in order for the check to clear. If we are doing your DMV work, we will complete your DMV at that point. If we are not doing your DMV work, we will mail the title to you, signature required for receipt.

Can I just come in and see if I can get financed?

Yes you can, but we cannot guarantee that we can get a swift answer for you. We recommend that you fill out the online credit app prior to coming into the dealership. This gives us the opportunity to submit to the credit union(s) that best match your situation/vehicle. Once we have an answer from the credit union, we will give you a call or email you. You are under no obligation to purchase at this point. We will tell you the terms, interest rate, length of loan, down payment (if required), and monthly payment. Many times, if approved, proof of income is required (not always). It would be a shame to be here and ready to purchase and then have to go home and get all the necessary documents in order to purchase.

First Time Buyer?

We get lots of credit applications from first time buyers. If you are a local customer, we have a couple of credit unions that say they will work with first time buyers. They have their own rules for what they will accept, for example income, time on job, requested vehicle etc. We can only submit and see what answer we get back. If they don’t approve, then a qualified co-signer would be required in order for you to purchase a vehicle.

Can you find me a vehicle?

The answer is yes; however as stated earlier, we are a small family run business so sometimes that makes it a little difficult to stay on top of requests with the volume of vehicles that we process in a day. The best thing is to check out and We post several vehicles most every day.

Do you take trades?

We will consider trades. We get many out of state people asking this question and of course they don’t want to drive to us to get a value. We are happy to work with you on a trade value. We send you an email with all the necessary questions that need to be answered about your vehicle and request a couple of pictures of your vehicle. Once we have that information and what you are interested in trading it in on; we will get back to you with an approximate trade value. If you are local you can also bring your vehicle by for an inspection by our sales manager.

I have a payoff on my trade – how does that work?

If we proceed on a sale with a trade that has a payoff, we will need to call your bank, credit union, etc. and get an accurate 10-day payoff. Once we have the accurate figure and where to send the payoff, after the completion of the sale, we will handle all paperwork and financials to pay off your trade vehicle.

Do you purchase vehicles?

Again, we can consider a purchase. We will email you a similar email to the trade email and once we have all required information we will get in touch with you to see if it is something we are willing purchase. Of course you can always bring the vehicle by our location to accomplish this too.

Can changes be made to a truck that you have for sale?

In most cases a truck can be lowered or raised more and there are obviously costs involved in most cases, but not always. If it has black wheels and you like chrome or vice versa; this can easily be swapped, especially if we have something in stock for like merchandise. Don’t hesitate to ask.

What about Commercial vehicle financing?

We do supply fleets locally and out of state. We carry many commercial vehicles of all sorts and sizes at all times. We can do a bulk purchase deal, or we will handle them one by one. We aim to accommodate small and large businesses in every way we can. Commercial financing is handled through a few vendors and we will be happy to supply their contact information with you. Let us know your circumstances and we will see how we can accommodate them.

Can I take a vehicle to my mechanic?

Of course, we encourage this. See Buyer Beware above. Once we know you have your financing arranged, we ask that you make an appointment with your “local to us” mechanic.

Can I keep a vehicle for a test drive overnight?

Due to insurance coverage, we cannot allow the vehicle to be off the lot outside of business hours.

Do you have a warranty on the vehicles?

Yes, on most of our vehicles we have a 30 day/1000 miles, 50/50 warranty on the engine, transmission, drive shaft and differential.

Can I get an extended warranty?

We have the capability of getting pricing for you on an extended warranty. Of course the pricing depends on which level of coverage you want, and the length/miles of the coverage.

Can I get GAP coverage through you?

Yes we have GAP coverage that can be written.

What do I do if you are not doing my DMV work?

We have the capability of printing 30-day temporary tags for you at no extra charge. This allows you to have 30 days in which to do your own DMV work.

Can I put a deposit down to reserve a vehicle?

We try to treat all customers equally. It is difficult for us to take a deposit for any length of time while a customer is trying to get their financing arranged or waiting for an insurance check etc. We typically practice a first come first served policy.

How much of a down payment would you need for a vehicle I am interested in?

If you are financing a vehicle through our credit unions, the credit union determines if a down payment is necessary. There are times when a down payment is not required, and others when a down payment is required. It is a case by case and very dependent on the vehicle you are wanting to purchase.

Do you have a cash price or what is the bottom dollar on your vehicles?

Our prices are cash based; this does not mean you have to pay with $100 bills, but bank financing, credit union funds, cashiers checks etc are all the same as cash to us. We treat all customers the same whether they are paying cash or financing.

Is there any room for negotiations?

In most cases our prices are where we need to be on the vehicles. We spend far, far more than most any dealer in reconditioning, servicing, and preparation to assure the vehicle will be ready to go. We try to take the haggle away from the car buying experience and make it an easy non-pressured situation. You won’t hear if you don’t buy it today, you will miss out. More than likely you will hear go home and think about it, or test drive it again, or take it to your mechanic to check it out. No pressure here!

Do you have a Carfax?

We run an AutoCheck on all our vehicles. The AutoCheck summary report we run will tell us if the vehicle has salvage history, fire, hail, water (flood), frame damage, odometer problems, junk/rebuilt title. We are happy to share this report with you prior to purchase.