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Meet The Owners Of Davis Auto Sales


Meet the Owners of Davis Auto Sales

1999 National Quality Dealer Award Certified Master Dealer

In 1999 Jimmy Davis was awarded the coveted National Quality Dealer of the Year award. Every year one dealer out of the entire country is chosen to represent NIADA as the example of Outstanding Quality.

This award is based on service to customers, community, and the automotive industry.

Jimmy believes in a strong family bond. He is actively involved in his church, and has sponsored Little League Baseball in his community.

Jimmy is a past president of the Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association, VIADA. Jimmy is proud to be an Independent Auto Dealer and it is evident in his family, customers, staff, sales facility, and community. Jimmy and his confident staff are ready to serve your automotive needs.

Jimmy is now a Certified Master Dealer (CMD)


Gail has handled the accounting and computer work for Davis Auto Sales for over 30 years while working an outside fulltime job. Gail and Jimmy work as a team at home and at work. Gail is now retired from a 37 year career as a lead technology analyst for a large international company. She has enjoyed many successes in this career and her commitment to this company is worth noting. Now Gail is spending her days at the dealership taking over many new responsibilities. As Vice President of our Corporation, she is a big part of the company's positive growth. Gail is a Past President of the Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association. Gail was selected as the 2008 VIADA State Quality dealer of the year.

Gail is a Certified Master Dealer (CMD)

2008 State Quality Dealer Certified Master Dealer



A Certified Master Dealer, a CMD®, is a professional automobile dealer who has demonstrated their commitment to the used motor vehicle industry, to consumers and who supports ethical business standards and principles. They have met the rigid criteria that qualify them as a candidate for the certification program developed by the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association and Northwood University.

The CMD® dealer has successfully completed a 32 hour training program that includes general management strategies, financial management principles, successful merchandising techniques, effective human resource practices, and appropriate business planning. They maintain their professional certification by completing at least 12 hours of continuing education every 36 months.


These dealers strive to uphold the highest of business practices. They comply with all laws and regulations. Their customers (you the consumer) are their priority and their business goal is to attain success through customer satisfaction. This satisfaction is gained by listening to each customer and responding to the needs of that customer ethically, sensitively, and professionally.


Standing left to right:
Brian, Jimmy, JW; Seated Daniel, Gail

The Davis Auto Sales business philosophy is:

  • To make a fair and honest living from the sale of quality pre-owned vehicles.

  • To enjoy what we do.

  • To offer the community a valuable and affordable alternative to a new car purchase.

  • To give customers their monies worth, not only in the vehicle but in the treatment and service.

  • To provide a safe comfortable and profitable work place for employees and family.

  • To bring credibility and professionalism to the profession by dealing fairly and treating others as we would want to be treated.

  • To enhance the community by generating revenue from a successful sales business.

  • To ultimately help raise the level of respect for this profession by positive example and by supporting and promoting the Dealer Association.


The first son, JW has shown great interest in the auto sales business since he was a child. He has grown up in and around the operation. His desire and his youthful energy are the key ingredients for his success so far in the company. He oversees and manages the sales side of the business and Off-Road Shop. Always extremely busy, he will find time to help you pick out the perfect vehicle or get you the parts you need to build one the way you want it. He also excels in his job as purchasing agent. JW displays confidence and a willingness to work with our customers and vendors. Courteousness, honesty and willingness to help are the traits required of an employee and he has all of these and more. JW is a valuable part of Davis Auto Sales.

JW is now a Certified Master Dealer (CMD)


We are pleased to have joining the Davis Auto Sales and Davis Trucks & More family, David Davis, another family member, brother to Jimmy Davis. You will find David at the Davis Trucks & More location ready to serve all your transportation and recreational needs. David comes to us with a wealth of experience in the automotive mechanical field and most recently retired from a MAC tools career.


Alvin Matias comes to us with over 8 years ‘ experience in automobile detailing. Alvin is originally from Pennsylvania and comes to us after 2 years working at another local auto detail shop. Alvin is responsible for making our vehicles look top notch on our lot. We are pleased to have Alvin on our staff and you will be pleased when you see his work on our vehicles.


We are pleased to have Filippo Sandry join us at Davis Auto Sales. Filippo brings us close to 20 years of experience at a very large new car dealership and we are now proud to have him on our team. Filippo will be one more qualified set of eyes in the mechanical get ready process of vehicles. Filippo is ASE certified, GM certified, and quite a bit more.


Brian Bolanos is a rising Senior at Virginia Commonwealth University working towards his BS in Marketing. Brian Bolanos is replacing his brother Erick who has been with us for 4 years handling our marketing efforts such as getting our inventory to our website, and our social media tasks. Brian is bilingual in Spanish and English. This is a win-win for both of us – Brian is gaining real world experience in the marketing field while finishing up his degree at VCU in Marketing.


Jethin Unny is a rising Senior at Thomas Dale High School in Chesterfield County, Va. Jethin has only been in the US for about 6 months and is doing a variety of tasks for the summer at Davis Auto Sales. Jethin is a quick study; always willing to help with any task and learning a great deal about how a business operates and adjusting to a new culture at the same time.


Mike Macneil is a part time employee but handles sales and operations at our Rt10 location. He comes from a sales background in accesories and automotive products prior to finding his home with us. You will find him and his Labrador retriever dog welcoming you there on most any Saturday and will be happy to assist with your needs the best he can.


Mike Troch is a long time employee as well as family friend. You will find him not to be a salesman but more of a friend. Zero pressure with Mike coming from a background in commercial truck van and automotive sales he has grown his way into wearing many hats with sales, social media listings and handling prep task on the variety of different work and heavy duty vehicles that come through our doors.